The General Terms and Conditions apply to all clients who lease advertising space through the brokerage of ISTRA PLAKATI, the company ALPHA LUXE GROUP from Poreč, Mate Vlašić 17, or to whom ISTRA PLAKATI – ALPHA LUXE GROUP d.o.o. (hereinafter: ISTRA PLAKATI) provides, through mediation or independently, the services of audio / video production, creative solutions, or design, unless otherwise stipulated in a separate contract. The General Terms and Conditions are published on the ISTRAPLAY website and are an integral part of any advertising contract / offer.

Article 1.
ISTRA PLAKATI is an intermediary in advertising, and as such, it acquires advertising space from the posters for the clients. ISTRA PLAKATI also, on its own or through an intermediary, provides its clients with creative marketing, creative solutions, advertising space, design, and audio and video production for their clients, as needed and at their request.

Article 2.
Orders for advertising campaign services are made in writing by e-mail or purchase order. Each order must include: number and date, campaign name, type and value of services, quantity and size of acreage, and campaign period. Changes to the order must also be made in writing
The minimum duration of each campaign is 14 days. Depending on the duration of the campaign and the amount of inventory, ISTRA PLAKATI may grant further discounts.

Article 3.
Upon receipt of the order, ISTRA PLAKATI will make its offer to the client in accordance with the possibilities and availability of advertising space with the partner-poster.
There may be situations where ISTRA PLAKATI, in the offer, indicate a specific location, which, at the time of the campaign start, will not be available for the client’s campaign for reasons other than those within ISTRA PLAKATI’ control. As ISTRA PLAKATI is only an intermediary and the poster partners own the inventory, ISTRA PLAKATI does not assume any responsibility towards the client in such a case, but undertakes, in agreement with the poster partner, to obtain alternate maximum appropriate locations for the client, also according to availability and inventory. If this is not possible, ISTRA PLAKATI assumes no responsibility, as it is only an intermediary, and the Client is aware of this and will not have any further claims on the subject matter from ISTRA PLAKATI.

Article 4.
Orders must be requested at least 30 days before the campaign begins. In case of need for printing or production, orders must be requested at least 45 days before the start of the campaign.
Payment is only an advance payment.
Payment is only an advance payment.
If the poster partner cancels the order, ISTRA PLAKATI agrees to do everything in its power to get the advertising space according to the client’s order as soon as possible from another poster partner.
If this is not possible, ISTRA PLAKATI will refund to the client the amount paid for the services. In such a situation, the client waives further claims under the ISTRA Posters terms.

Article 5.
ISTRA PLAKATI is not responsible for the seizure of advertising / poster material by third parties for whatever reason, and reserves the right to collect the agreed fee in its entirety.

Article 6.
The Client accepts full responsibility for the content of the poster or other advertising medium (DOOH, tv, radio, etc.), whether it has independently created a creative solution or whether it has been commissioned by ISTRA PLAKATI or through our ISTRA PLAKATI partners, and in case of violation of the law of the Republic of Croatia, copyright infringement, or similar dispute, the Client is directly responsible to the injured third party. ISTRA Posters has no responsibility to the same.

The Client warrants that in the event of initiation of any proceedings against ISTRA PLAKATI due to the content of the advertisement, the Client will:
remove any liability from EUROPLAKAT and take all actions upon yourself;
bear all responsibility for any damages incurred and assume the obligation to pay any amounts to third parties and / or institutions, together with interest and costs incurred;
in the event of such action being taken, assume all responsibility for the placement and content of the advertisements in question.

The Client states in particular that ISTRA PLAKATI will refund any amounts that the company would eventually pay to any third party regarding the eventual liability for the content of the ordered ads.

Article 7.
The client is aware of and accepts the possibility that our poster partners reserve the right to photograph their own advertising space, regardless of the ads / campaigns contained therein, and to use them for their own promotional and marketing purposes. The client is aware that ISTRA PLAKATI are an intermediary agency and will not claim any damages in such cases.

Article 8.
As an exclusive advertising intermediary, ISTRA PLAKATI will not at any time be held responsible for any damage to advertising space or placards. In the event of damage to or destruction of the poster or other advertising space, in cooperation with the poster partner, ISTRA Posters is obliged to offer alternative replacement surfaces for the specified location, if available, but there is no liability in case of lack of replacement surfaces.
ISTRA PLAKATI does not guarantee that the advertising space will be functional and visible throughout the campaign. Short periods of damage or limitations of visibility caused by inclement weather, third parties, etc. are possible, which does not entitle the client to claim damages or additional services of any kind.
In case of inability to use the advertising space due to a ban by competent authorities, the landowner, or force majeure, the contract / order is considered null and void and the client is not entitled to compensation, except for the eventual refund of the amount paid for the said area.
Similarly, ISTRA PLAKATI will not be held responsible for the preparation of printing material (posters), whether such material is obtained from a client or any other person, but is the sole responsibility of the client.

Article 9.
ISTRA PLAKATI collects and processes the personal data of respondents for the purpose of concluding and executing contracts, and may transmit them to related parties and contractual partners for the purpose of executing business processes as well as to competent authorities in accordance with applicable regulations. Respondent has the right to request from ISTRA PLAKATI to access, correct and delete / restrict the processing of personal data, withdraw consent for processing of personal data, object to the processing of personal data, and has the right to transfer the data to another processing manager. If you, as a respondent, consider your personal information to be incomplete, inaccurate, or not up-to-date, please contact us by sending an e-mail to and requesting an appropriate supplement, modification, or deletion of personal information. All special circumstances regarding personal information will be agreed upon at the time of the establishment and during the execution of the particular business relationship.

Article 10.
The General Terms and Conditions are valid from 01.02.2020.

Article 11.
Any disputes arising out of a business relationship entered into by the Agreement and an order for services based on these General Terms and Conditions shall be settled by the parties to the dispute by agreement, and if that is not possible, a competent court in Pula shall have jurisdiction.

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